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Blessed by Brahma, Valmiki began to see the entire life of Rama – past, present and future.

Rama, along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana spent 14 years in exile living a simple life.

When Ravana sets fire to Hanuman’s tail, Sita prayed to Havyavahanam, the lord of fire, to protect Hanuman, who, in turn, burned down Lanka..

After Rama and Sita are reunited, Sita’s honour comes into question. To prove her virtue, she steps into a holy fire.

Ravana lets loose a volley of lion-shaped fireballs against Rama during the climactic battle of the Ramayana.battle of the Ramayana.

A major turning point in the final battle, Lakshmana is mortally wounded by Indrajit who attacks him with a powerful weapon given to him by Brahma.

A furious Narakasura rages against Krishna who challenges him to a fight unto the death as Krishna’s beautiful consort Satybhama watches on.

As Indra thundered down on Krishna’s people, the young demigod lifted the Govardhan mountain to protect everyone.

Kaikeyi demands Dasharatha to install her son Bharata as the king of Ayodhya instead of Rama.

When Ravana came to abduct Sita, the divine Jatayu fought valiantly until his last breath.

After Hanuman found Sita in Ashoka Vatika, she gave him a piece of jewellery from her hair called the Choodamani to give to Rama.

Hanuman rescues Rama and Lakshmana and introduces them to the lord of the Vanaras, Sugriva, who willingly accepts them as his allies.

According to an Odiya retelling of the Ramayana, Sita invokes the panchsar to destroy the fiercer form of Ravana having a thousand heads.

The moment when Rama and Sita were reunited after the battle of Lanka, it said the heavens opened up and the devas and apsaras rejoiced.

While heading to kill Narakasura with his beloved Satyabhama on Garuda, Krishna destroyed all the obstacles created by the demon Mura.

The ethereal Sita radiates a divine aura as the beautiful bride gets ready to marry the man of her dreams, Lord Rama.